Michael Slovis — Visual Storyteller Extraordinaire

“The skills and knowledge I gained at RIT forged my technique and provided the basis for making creative decisions that defined my style in both photography and cinematography. There’s no question in my mind that RIT laid the foundation on which I’ve built my entire career.”

Photo by Ali Goldberg
Photo by Ali Goldberg


Michael Slovis, latest RIT alum to be featured in our series of Agents of Change profiles, represents a definite change of focus. Until now, there’s been a distinctly “all business” tone to the subjects; with this profile, we shift our perspective to the visual arts — a field in which RIT has a long-standing reputation for excellence in technical training.

Michael is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and television director whose recent successes include his widely acclaimed work on the sets of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Photography has been his life-long pursuit. A serious photographer in his early teens—back then, using his grandmother’s hand-me-down Kodak camera—he honed a special talent that has opened many doors for him: the ability to tell a story with a photograph. As you’ll learn, it was a single photograph that helped earn him admission to RIT’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences.

After graduating from RIT, he later studied cinematography at New York University, and began working as a gaffer on motion pictures, commercials and in television. His gift for storytelling, along with his unique visual style, led to his debut as a director.

While we cannot yet offer an online course in photography, those of you with a talent for visual communication in the digital domain should take a look at our upcoming series of courses that lead to an Advanced Certificate in User Experience Design and Development. While this might not land you behind the camera on award-winning TV shows, you just might end up directing the development of a red-hot app on the small screen.

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