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Darlene Mascioletti, Recruitment and Retention Specialist
Darlene Mascioletti
Earning my bachelor degree was challenging, but I did it—and at my own pace. I earned it by taking both campus and online courses. My preference was to take courses online because of the flexibility it afforded me. Now, I am working at RIT helping others find their own online path forward.

Here are three things I want you to know. First, I’ve been in your shoes. Second, I want to help get you on the right academic path. And third, investing in new skills really does propel you forward.

I am here to help you navigate all of your options and make the process smooth and seamless. I support prospective online students by providing answers and guidance. It’s common for people to inquire about cost, financial aid, registration, admission, specific courses, online programs, and start dates. Other questions arise such as “What sort of accreditation do you have?” or “How much time do I need to commit, and is online learning right for me?”

I assist both degree and non-degree seeking students who need to find a custom solution that fits their unique situation. For example, people who contact me are looking for advice to:

  1. Update job skills to match workplace needs
  2. Learn a new subject matter to match a career goal or a new job requirement
  3. Gauge workload given family and work/life obligations
  4. Turn professional experience into academic credit

Whatever your situation, I encourage you to take advantage of RIT Online’s concierge services. I’m passionate about working with students, researching options, identifying opportunities, and building plans based on individual interests and needs. And the best part, my support services continue throughout your academic career at RIT.

Have a burning question? Need smart advice? Want to learn more about online learning? Want customized options? Please contact me.

  • Getting Started

    Explore online courses and programs. Whether you’re looking to polish your resume or make a career change, let us help you find the right academic path to meet your goals. Together we can answer all your questions about course and program options.

    Explore our tuition assistance and financial aid options. Depending on what path you take, there are a variety of options available to you. You may learn more about tuition here. We are available to discuss your options and any details that may be specific to you, or your degree program of choice.

    Explore our multiple points of entry. Applications to apply to a certificate or degree program may be submitted any time throughout the year. Our courses are offered at different times throughout the year, in varying course lengths which provide additional flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • FAQs

    What courses and programs do you offer? RIT Online has partnered with several departments on campus to help provide a great experience in many academic fields. We offer a wide array of programs and courses in a diverse range of fields. For a list of the programs and courses available, please view the courses or programs sections on this website.

    If there is a specific program or course you are interested in but don’t see it listed, please let us know. We are always interested in hearing from prospective students about what they would like to study online from RIT. We will contact the appropriate department at RIT to see if it is something that may be in development for future online delivery.

    When are classes offered? RIT follows a 15-week semester-based calendar and some online courses and programs are also offered in an accelerated 7-week format. Many of our programs offer multiple start times to best fit your schedule. The 15-week semester courses begin with the fall semester, which starts at the end of August, and with the spring semester, which starts at the end of January. Seven week courses have two start times in the fall, and two in the spring.

    When can I start a program? Most of the programs offered through RIT Online have rolling enrollment periods, so you can start classes several times during the academic year. Programs consisting of 15-week courses can be started at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. Programs consisting of 7-week courses can be started at the beginning of fall and spring semesters as well as half way through each semester. View calendar page.

    Will it be mentioned on my diploma that this is an online program? Your RIT diploma will not state that it was delivered online. On-campus classes and online classes are identical in every way except their delivery, so you are receiving the same credential.

    How would you justify online courses being equivalent to on-campus courses when there is no hands-on experience online? All of the courses offered online are the same quality and rigor as their on-campus versions. The faculty members who teach these courses also teach on-campus and have worked with RIT’s Teaching and Learning Services to make sure online students receive the same engaging experience.

    How do I apply? If you are not applying for matriculation into a degree program and would like to take a course, you may enroll through the Registrar’s Office. The enrollment process usually takes 1-3 days.

    It’s easy to apply to an online graduate degree program at RIT. RIT requires a $65 application fee for applicants and official transcripts. Specific degree admission requirements may differ by program.