An open book and an e-reader
Storytelling Across Media
Instructor Laura Shackelford
Course Number ENGL-375-01
May 17, 2018
6 weeks
30 Seats

This course introduces the basic elements of narrative reflecting on key concepts in narrative theory such as – story and plot narration and focalization characterization storyspace and worldmaking – to enhance your understanding of how stories work and your ability to understand how such storytelling strategies convey their meaning and themes. After an initial exploration of storytelling traditions emerging from oral myth and short stories in print we expand our inquiries into what a narrative is and what it can do by considering what happens to storytelling in graphic novels digital games and in recent electronic literature. Reflecting on competing definitions and varieties of narrative the course raises the overarching question of why how we access read write and circulate stories as a culture matters. Expect to "read" stories in a variety of media to review basic concepts and conversations drawn from narrative theory and to creatively experiment with the storytelling strategies we are analyzing in class. No familiarity with specific print digital or visual media necessary though a willingness to read and reflect on stories in various media and to analyze their cultural significance will be essential.

  • Price $936 per credit hour (2017-18 AY)
  • Credits

    3 credit hours

    This 6 week course requires students to spend approximately 23 hours a week on course work.

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    This course section is open to RIT Online students.

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