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Introduction to Computer Graphics
Instructor To be announced
Course Number CSCI-510-01
Jan 11, 2021
15 weeks
34 Seats

Introduction to Computer Graphics is a study of the hardware and software principles of interactive raster graphics. Topics include an introduction to the basic concepts, 2-D and 3-D modeling and transformations, viewing transformations, projections, rendering techniques, graphical software packages and graphics systems. The course will focus on rasterization techniques and emphasize the hardware rasterization pipeline including the use of hardware shaders. Students will use a standard computer graphics API to reinforce concepts and study fundamental computer graphics algorithms. Programming projects will be required.

  • Credits

    3 credit hours

    This 15 week course requires students to spend approximately 9 hours a week on course work.

  • Enrollment Restrictions
    • Prerequisites: MATH-241 and (CSCI-243 or SWEN-262) and (CSCI-250 or CMPE-240 or SWEN-340) or equivalent courses.

    Enrollment restrictions are subject to change. Please contact us for assistance.

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