Digital lock made of circuits
Data Security and Privacy
Instructor Rajendra Raj
Course Number CSCI-622-01
Jan 11, 2021
15 weeks
30 Seats

This course examines policies, methods and mechanisms for securing enterprise and personal data and ensuring data privacy. Topics include data integrity and confidentiality; access control models; secure database architectures; secure transaction processing; information flow, aggregation, and inference controls; auditing; securing data in contemporary (relational, XML and other NO SQL) database systems; data privacy; and legal and ethical issues in data protection. Programming projects are required.

  • Credits

    3 credit hours

    This 15 week course requires students to spend approximately 9 hours a week on course work.

  • Enrollment Restrictions
    • Prerequisites: CSCI-620 or (CSCI-420 and CSCI-320) or (4003-485 and 4003-487) or equivalent course.

    Enrollment restrictions are subject to change. Please contact us for assistance.

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