Open bottle of pills on a table
Addiction Pharmacology
Instructor Cory Crane
Course Number MEDS-426-01
Jan 11, 2021
15 weeks
21 Seats

This course will explore the general concepts social consequences policy and other aspects of substance abuse and addiction. Multiple perspectives will be presented including those of addicts health-care providers and family/friends affected by addiction. Then commonly abused drugs will be discussed in detail. Topics to be presented and discussed for each drug class include: epidemiology pathophysiology drug class information pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics actions short-term and long-term consequences of misuse (including overdose) and contemporary pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment modalities. Availability of resources used to address substance abuse will also be presented.

  • Credits

    3 credit hours

    This 15 week course requires students to spend approximately 9 hours a week on course work.

  • Enrollment Restrictions
    • Prerequisites: (MEDS-250 and MEDS-251) or (1026-350 and 1026-360) or equivalent courses.

    Enrollment restrictions are subject to change. Please contact us for assistance.

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