Interpreter with patient
Interpreting Research Setting

This online course will prepare graduate interpreters for working in research settings. Students will learn about the lived experience of Deaf scientists and how to effectively work with them by utilizing a variety of tools and strategies. Students will also become familiar with procedures and protocols for interpreting in research settings including lab-based work, meeting with collaborators, and professional conferences. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to build upon their American Sign Language (ASL) and English skills, specifically working on how to translate and interpret complex research related terminology and jargon. Also, students will investigate a topic related to their interest specifically in context of research and science that extends beyond the course materials covered in class and will summarize their findings in both academic ASL and English. This course involves online video lectures in both English and ASL, video observations and case studies, and online group discussions. Grading in the course will be based on students’ participation online and performance on their assignments. Students can receive credit for INTP-510 or HCIA-610, not for both.

This course is not currently scheduled. Please contact the concierge to learn more.