Financial charts under a calculator and stethescope
Finance for Health Care Professionals

This is an overview course that will provide an in-dept investigation of the financial workings in the health care industry. The course will be presented through the investigation of the operations of various health care settings - hospitals, physician practices, long term care facilities and home helath care provides. The course covers all the essential functions in health care internal financial operations that would be experienced throughout the industry, except for the insurance companies. There are several examples involving physician practices, inpatient hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. During the course the participants will carefully evaluate what the finance department is expected to accomplish. They will better understand the role of the clinical operations manager in the financial health of a health care organization. The course is designed to provide an approach that includes some terminology used in accounting, but more so those terms associated with finance. This course is offered on-line.

This course is not currently scheduled. Please contact the concierge to learn more.