Abstract squares and lines
Embedded Systems for Mechatronics

This course introduces the principles of Matlab, Simulink and Embedded Systems through the use of examples, problems, and a hands-on learning approach. Matlab topics include: Matlab basic function usage, matrix manipulation, polynomials, programming loops, operators, logical operations, conditional flow control, m-files, data import/export, plotting, data analysis, custom functions, differential equation solvers, Fourier transforms, systems modeling, and introduction to external interfaces. Simulink topics include: creating a model file, basic block manipulation, interfacing with Matlab, modeling and solutions of systems, creating subsystems, S-functions, and custom blocks. This course introduces embedded systems programming with microprocessors focusing on measuring input, manipulating data, and controlling output. Several systems-level examples are presented.

This course is not being offered at this time. Please contact the concierge to find out more information.