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Emerging Computing and Networking Technologies

Computer networking and computer system technologies have dramatically changed the way that businesses operate and how they accomplish their organizational goals. Most of the current technologies used today have their roots in the early days of the Internet and computing. The changes that have occurred since then have been largely at the margins, rather than developed in a wholesale fashion. As our discipline moves forward there are a substantial number of emerging technologies in development to address the inadequacies of the currently deployed technologies. If widely adopted, these technologies will change how technologies support organizations and individuals creating a whole new paradigm for computing, networking, and the security of our computing environment. Students will be researching the current state of several of the most significant emerging technologies. The course will consist of a combination of lectures where technologies will be presented and explained; independent labs, modeling and simulation exercises that will reinforce the students’ understanding of the technologies by allowing them to work with them in a hands-on fashion; and independent literature research do serve as a foundation for future work in this degree program.

This course is not currently scheduled. Please contact the concierge to learn more.