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Data Analytics and Visualization in Health Care
Instructor Carla Stebbins, Jerry Powell
Offering Number DVH600x
Sep 08, 2020
8 weeks
0 Credits

Big data is transforming the health care industry relative to improving quality of care and reducing costs—key objectives for most organizations. Employers are desperately searching for professionals who have the ability to extract, analyze, and interpret data from patient health records, insurance claims, financial records, and more to tell a compelling and actionable story using health care data analytics.

The course begins with a study of key components of the U.S. health system as they relate to data analytics. While we will be looking through a U.S. lens, the topics will be familiar to global learners, who will be invited to compare/contrast with their country’s system.

With that essential industry context, we’ll explore the role of health informatics and health information technology in evidence-based medicine, patient data, the electronic health record, population health, improvement of clinical decisions and process improvement, and public health.

Using that as a foundation, we’ll outline the components of a successful data analytics program in health care. This will include the concepts of business intelligence and key performance indicators (KPIs), establishing a “virtuous cycle” of data quality and standardization required for clinical improvement and innovation. We’ll also discuss how predictive analytics and machine learning are used to extract and analyze data.

The course culminates in a study of how visualizations harness data to tell a powerful, actionable story. We’ll build an awareness of visualization tools and their features, as well as gain familiarity with various analytic tools.

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