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Design Thinking Capstone
Instructor Lorraine Justice
Offering Number THINK525x
Sep 09, 2019
6 weeks
0 Credits

The capstone course, part of the Design Thinking MicroMasters® program, will be a cumulative experience incorporating all aspects of the design thinking process, from end to end.

In this course, you will be asked to solve a problem using the design thinking process. You will demonstrate your understanding by submitting a final project, along with documentation to support your findings.

The Design Thinking Capstone will contain a proctored component as well as project activities. To complete the proctored component you will need:

  • A desktop or laptop computer that meets Software Secure's technical requirements for RPNow v2.x-3.x. Only computers with MacOS and Windows operating systems with the latest version of Adobe Flash are supported. Linux is not supported. Mobile devices or tablet computers cannot be used. Currently, macOS Mojave (version 10.14) is incompatible with the proctoring software.
  • A webcam.
  • A current, valid government-issued photo ID with your full name.
  • A room with adequate lighting (daylight level).

There will be an opportunity for you to test your system compatibility in the capstone course before the verification deadline.

Throughout the capstone, you will complete the following:

  • Research and identify the needs of a user
  • Apply ideation and visualization strategies to communicate solutions
  • Apply feedback from user testing to revise or design new product or service possibilities