All Grant Awards

Initial Award Title PI
4/17/2019 Ultrafast Laser for 3D fabrication of waveguide lasers Qiao, Jie
3/21/2019 CAREER: Learning to solve problems in context-rich environments: A naturalistic study in STEM workplaces, research labs, project-based courses and lab courses Zwickl, Ben
3/15/2019 Fundamental Image Science Research Ientilucci, Emmett
3/14/2019 Remote Multi-Sensor Multi-Angular Terrain Characterization Bachmann, Charles
3/8/2019 Effects of a Modified Mowing Machine in NYSDOT ROWs on Pollinators and Vegetation Stack Whitney, Kaitlin
3/5/2019 Exploring Planet Formation in the Nearest Known Protoplanetary Disks Kastner, Joel
2/27/2019 Integrative Experimental and Multiscale High Resolution Modeling of Atrial Arrhythmias to Optimize Low Energy Anti-fibrillation Pacing (LEAP) Cherry, Elizabeth
2/21/2019 OLED TV Perceptual Black Threshold Murdoch, Michael
1/30/2019 The Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) Survey Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
1/17/2019 High-fidelity scene modeling and vehicle tracking using hyperspectral video Hoffman, Matthew
1/11/2019 Image Science Support to Harris Gazelle Program Gartley, Michael
12/18/2018 Investigating the role of pre-shear and pre-stretching in the transient extensional flow of dilute polymer solutions: Modeling benchmarking and numerical solutions Cromer, Michael
12/18/2018 Fabrication and Characterization of Detectors Hubbard, Seth
12/17/2018 III-V Growth on Low-Cost Substrates Hubbard, Seth
11/27/2018 Accelerated Nuclear Materials and Fuel Qualification by Adopting a First to Failure Approach Dholabhai, Pratik
11/8/2018 Ultrafast Laser Welding for Hermetic Packaging of Nano-implant Chips Qiao, Jie
10/26/2018 Spectral Characters of Non-Isotropic Materials Murdoch, Michael
10/9/2018 Improved radiation hardness in Multijunction solar cells using wavelength specific photonic structures Hubbard, Seth
10/5/2018 Fast and Efficient Continual Learning without Catastrophic Forgetting Kanan, Christopher
10/5/2018 Advancing Computational Methods to Understand the Dynamics of Ejection, Accretion, Winds, and Jets in Neutron Star Mergers Campanelli, Manuela
10/2/2018 EAGER: Managing our expectations: quantifying the characteristics of misleading trajectories in ecological processes Stack Whitney, Kaitlin
9/20/2018 A virtual reality approach to study and rehabilitate vision after stroke Diaz, Gabriel
9/19/2018 Development of strategies and instrumentation to support Landsat calibration and higher-level product verification Gerace, Aaron
9/18/2018 Studies of the Diffuse Optical Background with New Horizons Zemcov, Michael
9/18/2018 Collaborative Research: Expanding Access: Furthering a network of diversity-focused programs in the physical sciences Franklin, Scott
9/17/2018 Fostering Agricultural Remote Sensing (FARMS) Alliance Van Aardt, Jan
9/17/2018 Fuser Membrane Revolution through Bulk Nanostructure Composites Collison, Christopher
9/14/2018 Self-Healing Coatings for High Transfer Efficiency, Flexible Belts and Films Collison, Christopher
9/9/2018 Spectral Modeling and Simulation (SMS) Gartley, Michael
9/7/2018 Building an Artificial Motile Tissue through Self-Organized Rhythmic Stiffening Das, Moumita
9/4/2018 Collaborative Research: NSF INCLUDES Alliance: Inclusive Graduate Education Network Miller, Casey
9/3/2018 High Efficiency, Radiation Hard and Light Weight IMM Solar Cells Hubbard, Seth
8/31/2018 Collaborative Research: Interactive Video-Enhanced Tutorials on Problem Solving in Physics Teese, Robert
8/21/2018 Collaborative Research: IGE: Scaling Faculty Development to Broaden Participation in Graduate Education Miller, Casey
8/2/2018 Ultrafast Laser Welding for Hermetic Packaging of Nano-implant Chip Qiao, Jie
8/1/2018 DIRSIG 5 Development Support
DIRSIG Development Support
CLIN 3: DIRSIG Development Support
Brown, Scott
7/31/2018 Improved Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation of Contact Lens Dynamics. Maki, Kara
7/31/2018 Improved Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation of Contact Lens Dynamics. Ross, David
7/31/2018 Collaborative Research: Developing a quantitative three-dimensional understanding of cardiac arrhythmias Cherry, Elizabeth
7/26/2018 Development of Quantum Dot Coated Detector Arrays Ninkov, Zoran
7/26/2018 Development of Quantum Dot Coated Detector Arrays Ninkov, Zoran
7/12/2018 DIRSIG5 Scene Development Support Brown, Scott
7/11/2018 Collaborative Research: Decoding and encoding mechanistic relations between structure and function in crack resistance of articular cartilage and cartilage inspored biomaterials. Das, Moumita
7/11/2018 Measurement and Analysis of Visual Differences Between Electronic Displays Farnand, Susan
7/9/2018 Mesoscopic quantum science and metrology with leviated mechanical systems Bhattacharya, Mishkatul
6/26/2018 DIRSIG5 Benchmarking Brown, Scott
6/18/2018 Increasing Public Stormwater Education, Outreach and Participation within the Shipbuilders Creek Watershed, Webster NY Tyler, Christy
6/8/2018 Improving Estimates of Salt Marsh Resilience and Coastal Blue Carbon Tyler, Christy
6/8/2018 Automation for Texture Analysis Kanan, Christopher
6/8/2018 SusChEM-Collaborative Research:Universal Understanding of excitonic and polaronic states in Push-Pull D-A compounds and Prescriptive Materials Design for Optimized Bulk-Heterojunctioin Photovoltaics Collison, Christopher
6/1/2018 Material Growth Hubbard, Seth
5/30/2018 Extending the Reach of Continuous Gravitational Wave Searches Whelan, John
5/8/2018 GFNet: Gnostic Fields based Low-Shot Learning for Target Detection in Remote Sensing Kanan, Christopher
5/2/2018 Advanced Diffractive MetaFilm Sailcraft Swartzlander, Grover
4/24/2018 Global Surveillance Augmentation Using Commercial Satellite Imaging Systems (Phase III) Kerekes, John
4/24/2018 From Discovery to Market: Integrating Interdisciplinary Skills through a Collaborative Research-Based Laboratory Curriculum Skuse, Gary
4/24/2018 Next Generation Testing Strategies for Assessment of Genotoxicity Bajorski, Peter
4/13/2018 Collaborative Research: Photons from Binary Black Hole Inspirals Campanelli, Manuela
4/11/2018 High Relaxivity PSMA-Targeted Contrast Agents for MRI of Prostate Cancer Schmitthenner, Hans
4/10/2018 Revealing the circum-nuclear torus: HST imaging of active galaxies observed during a Spitzer reverberation Robinson, Andrew
4/9/2018 USFS FBAT Instrumentation Upgrades Kremens, Robert
4/4/2018 PIC Math: Preparation for Industrial Careers in the Mathematical Sciences Narayan, Darren
3/26/2018 OVPR (GWBC 2018) Interferon Gene expression in VSV-infected cells Ferran, Maureen
3/26/2018 OVPR (GWBC 2018) Modeling Fracture in Healthy and Chemically Degraded Cartilage Tissue Das, Moumita
3/22/2018 OVPR (GWBC 2018) Application of Copulas and Alternate Bijections to Model for Halftone-based Color Hardcopy Viggiano, Steve
3/16/2018 OVPR (GWBC 2018)- Designing Advanced Complex Oxide Thin Films by Modifying Interfaces Dholabhai, Pratik
3/16/2018 OVPR (GWBC 2018) - Implicating Pal in Gram-Negative Sepsis Michel, Lea
3/16/2018 OVPR (GWBC 2018) - Relating visual appearance to physical measurements for 3D printed samples exhibiting goniophotometric differences Farnand, Susan
2/12/2018 Color Appearance for High Dynmaic Range Fairchild, Mark
2/8/2018 Development of Digital Micromirror Devices for Far-UV Applications Ninkov, Zoran
2/7/2018 REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Model-based Reasoning in STEM Education at the Rochester Institute of Technology Wright, Leslie Kate
1/24/2018 Prototype Research Goniometer Instrument; Upgrade and Repair Bachmann, Charles
1/24/2018 Behavioral analysis of cashiers and customers during cash transactions Diaz, Gabriel
1/16/2018 Growth of InGaAsP/InA1As QW on InP Hubbard, Seth