Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science

Merging compact object binaries (Dr. Joshua Faber)
Studies of primordial black holes (Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti)
Orbital dynamics in multi-body compact object systems (Dr. Jason Nordhaus)
Measuring the evolution of the galaxy merger rate (Dr. Jeyhan Kartaltepe)
Binary star astrophysics from gravitational wave observations (Drs. Richard O'Shaughnessy and Ernest Fokoue)
Continuous gravitational waves from rotating neutron stars (Dr. John Whelan)
Searching for recoiling supermassive black holes (Dr. Andy Robinson)
Infrared signatures of violent transient sources (Dr. Andy Robinson)
Visualization of magnetic fields and curvatures in numerical simulations (Drs. Manuela Campanelli, Carlos Lousto, and Yosef Zlochower)
Visualization and Sonification of Black Hole Mergers (Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof)
Shall we dance? Multiwavelength observations of newly formed, dissolving, and/or interacting stellar binary systems (Dr. Joel Kastner)
What Kind of Galaxies Host the Black Holes Heard By LIGO/Virgo? (Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti)
The Cosmic Dawn Intensity Mapper: Imaging the History of Cosmic Reionization and Early Galaxy Formation (Dr. Michael Zemcov)