Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Plan

We are committed to an ongoing discussion within the College of Science community about systemic injustices and the specific actions we can take to make change.

The mission of the College of Science is to prepare world leaders who will expand the frontiers of science and mathematics and their application in identifying solutions to societal and global challenges and systemic inequities, and who will contribute to a society that embraces justice for all people. We are committed to an ongoing discussion within the COS community about systemic injustices and the specific actions we can take to make change. The leadership of COS commits to setting the expectation that the College of Science is an inclusive community that does not just promote equality and equity, but also expects every person within our COS community to actively work towards that reality.

In higher education, we are creating the future every day. We must, therefore, play a leadership role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we must find ways to make positive change that will improve our communities and create a path to a better society and future for all.

Current Efforts and Progress within the College

Revised our Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, and Overarching Goals, to include strong value statements that reflect our expectation of community awareness of and advocacy for equity and inclusion (see Appendix below).>

Revised Faculty Annual Self-evaluations and Plan of Work to include a section on DEI efforts.

Women in Science (WISe): Working together, Inspiring each other, Strengthening relationships, Engaging community for the success of women in science and math. The WISe program contributes to the engagement of women in sciences and mathematics through diverse and unique events and opportunities. The program engages participants by offering information and education on equity and inclusion.

CASTLE (Center for Advancing STEM Teaching Learning and Evaluation). Its mission is to improve science and math education and outreach initiatives at RIT and foster collaboration between science and math educators and education researchers. The Center is a network of faculty, projects and programs engaged in scholarship surrounding STEM education for all students.

We support and participate in the Future Faculty Career Exploration Program (FFCEP), and we are one of the sponsors of the COMPACT Expo conference where the recruitment for the Program (FFCEP) participants takes place.

Outreach Programs through partnerships with the K-12 community

Inclusive Excellence supported by an $1M grant from HHMI

Re-starting COS-AALANA as a faculty/student/staff collective with funding ($500 for activities, etc.) for their activities. COS-AALANA will bring together faculty, staff, and students for discussions, networking, and mentoring.

Supporting & funding ($500) a new COS-LGBTQ+ affinity group for students, faculty & staff.

Working with IE faculty liaisons to support monthly “Who are we?” meetings to bring together COS faculty, students, and staff from all identities to discuss intersectional issues of minoritization, marginalization, and bias.