Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science

Physics BS: Program Goals

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate breadth and depth of contemporary topics in classical and modern physics that emphasizes the experimental, theoretical, and interdisciplinary nature of physics.

Apply physical and mathematical principles to conceptualize, formulate, analyze, and solve physics problems.

2. Provide a required laboratory experience in experimental physics that includes exposure to historically significant benchmark experiments in modern physics.

Conduct experiments, collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data, and report on results.

3. Develop knowledge and skills in programming and computational aspects of physics.

Demonstrate the ability to perform basic computational tasks within a high-level programming environment.

4. Provide an individualized physics research experience of an experimental, theoretical, and/or computational nature for each student

Identify a well-defined scientific problem, develop a focused research proposal, carry out the proposed research, and analyze the results. Disseminate the research findings in oral presentations and written reports that are consistent with standard scientific publications

5. Integrate educational and experiential framework for a successful career in physics or related fields, and promote continuing education, professional training, and lifelong learning.

Acceptance to graduate programs in science/engineering/ mathematics and other graduate professional programs or employment in a technical field.