Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science

Financial Information

There is no charge for College of Science faculty or students if the poster is COS related. Students require approval from COS faculty. Supervising faculty need to email to approve and sponsor poster print requests.

Print Policy

There will be no reprints and no draft posters. Class-related posters are limited to 10 posters per semester. Please proofread posters before submission.

Poster Design

Use of solid backgrounds or images as backgrounds is discouraged. Please use white backgrounds with colored text and/or graphics as the content of the poster. ITS does not design posters. Download an approved RIT logo here.

Poster Size

The only paper sizes available are 24, 36, and 44 inches. Please ensure that your posters are using one of these dimensions as either the height or the width. Please limit poster size to no larger than 44x60 inches.

File Format

Posters should be submitted in PDF format. Please ask before submitting any other file format. We recommend that you use 8.5x14 or 11x17 inch paper for drafts.


Posters must be submitted three days prior to the date they are needed. For special events requiring more than 5 posters, allow two weeks notice. Please submit the poster file to both and through Tiger File Exchanger.