Applied mathematics students with a minor in business complete one year od additional study to earn the BS and MBA degrees simultaneously.

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Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science

The MBA curriculum provides flexibility in allowing students to choose one concentration or a dual concentration. The ability to create a concentration area is consistent with the needs of industry for employees with cross-functional expertise. 

             Average               Range

Co-op:  $16.52            $10.00-$27.50

MBA:      $48,000          $30,000-$90,000

Alstom Signaling, Carrier Corporation, Citibank, Constellation Brands, Deloitte & Touche, Harris Corporation, Hershey, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, M&T Bank, Merck & Company Inc., Paychex, Toyota, Unisys Corp., Wegmans, and Xerox