Science Exploration offers a flexible, one-year curriculum that covers a broad collection of disciplines offered by the RIT College of Science.

Students also work as a team on a class laboratory project that touches on various disciplines in the RIT College of Science. Over two semesters, students learn brainstorming, project management, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. The project culminates with a presentation at the university’s annual Imagine RIT exhibition. 

Students who decide on a major within their first year will not lose time toward the completion of their degree.

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Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science

The science exploration option is a year long sequence of courses built around a single project aimed at designing, building, and conducting scientific research to achieve a goal. The goal is presented to students on the first day of class. This approach to interdisciplinary technical education emphasizes real-world, hands-on problem solving by student-led teams. It offers participating students a degree of autonomy and responsibility rarely found at the freshman level.

As a result of this course sequence, students in the exploration option develop an in depth appreciation for the specific field in which their team was involved while simultaneously learning about the other College of Science majors through the work of their classmates.