Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science


  • Contributed Talk Submissions: September 23
  • Student Talk Submissions: September 30
  • Pre-registration: October 10
  • Friday Micro-course: 2:30-5:30 p.m.; "RMarkdown for beginners: Formatted documents that update through code", Rob Rolleston, Ph.D., $15, submitted with your registration form.

Banquet Speaker

Bruce Pitman
University of Buffalo

I Don't Know Where I'm A'Gonna Go When the Volcano Blow.

(To be held at the DoubleTree Hotel.)

Saturday Speakers

Randolph Lecture: Cristina Gomez, Ithaca College: Mathematics for All

Morning Talk: Patrick Rault, University of Arizona South and SUNY Geneseo, Numerical Ranges Over Finite Fields

Afternoon Talk: Tim Chartier, Davidson College: Mime-matics