RIT Information Security Alert--Phishing Season is Still Open!

RIT Information Security Alert- Phishing Season is Still Open!

Why I’m Receiving This?

RIT continues to receive a number of phishing attacks. One current phishing attack is disguised as an email from the Helpdesk and references a pending upgrade. This one is pretty generic, although the attacker has apparently harvested RIT email addresses:

How do I know these are phishing attempts?

  • We didn't include the addressees in the screenshot above, but the Welcome to RIT  message header listed dozens of names in the To: field.
  • The message has a Password Alert appended to the beginning of the mailnote. RIT's email systems append the Password Alert to most emails that arrive at RIT with the word "password" in the body of the message. That means Be careful!
  • The email salutation is Attn: Subscriber, not a specific name.
  • The email asks for Username and Password. RIT will NEVER ask for you password.

What can I do to protect myself?

Delete the suspicious e-mail. If you clicked on the link, change your password NOW, scan your systems for viruses and spyware,  and report the situation to your Help Desk (SCOB, NTID, ITS, Resnet). Visit the RIT Information Security Phishing page at http://www.rit.edu/security/content/phishing for information on keeping yourself safe from phishing attempts.

REMEMBER: RIT will NEVER ask for your password through e-mail.