Clean Up Your Online Presence

While you are outside enjoying the weather, potential employers may be searching for you online. Now is the perfect time to Google yourself and clean up your online reputation until it shines. It is also important to review your privacy settings to be sure that your personal information is only being shared with the world in the way you want. Below are some helpful tips for cleaning up your online presence as well as organizing your online life for a secure online presence.

Go Through Online Photos

If you have photos or photo albums online, now is the time to update them. Back up old photos and delete the unflattering ones that don’t portray a positive image of you. Untag yourself or ask people to take down images that you wouldn’t want a potential boss to see.

Update Your Online Relationships

Go through your friends/followers/connections list(s) and decide who you actually want to be viewing your profile and news feed. Delete people that you don’t actually know or that are not your friends in real life.

Clean Up Your Google Presence

If you have found unfavorable images, social media posts or other press about you in Google’s top search results, make sure that you remove or delete them. Contact web administrators if the content is on a website you cannot control and ask that it be removed. You can also clean up your Google presence by creating new content that reflects who you are in a positive manner. This includes creating a personal website and writing social media bios and blog posts that show what your interests are professionally.

Organize Your Web Browsers

You may not realize it, but your web browsers can get messy. Clean them out by deleting add-ons and old temp files. Add-ons can be great, but too many can slow things down and some may potentially expose your personal information. Clear the history, cache, and cookies to remove information websites may have stored on your computer.

Review Privacy and Security Policies

Privacy settings and policies change often so it is a good idea to go through your social media accounts and check whether your account is private or not. It is up to you how you want your information displayed online. However, limiting who can see what you post online can keep your profile and content out of search engine results. Be sure to also check the permissions and privacy settings of apps on your mobile devices.


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