Logins: Pin or Password

Importance of Passwords

Passwords are one of the most important tools in technology that keeps our data safe. Passwords are like a lock on a box containing some of our most valuable private information. Of course you want that lock to be the best lock possible so that your information will always stay safe. Passwords should be the same. Longer is always better when it comes to making a secure password. Rather than using a pin as a password, consider changing the password options to require a string of characters and numbers, similar to what is commonly required for a website or computer. If you do happen to use a 4 pin password, make sure is not easy to guess like "0000", "1234", or "2580". These are equivalent to using "password" as a password.



 On an iPhone, try using a 6 pin password instead of the default 4 pin password. You can even change it to be an alphanumerical password. Change your password options in the settings. 



On Android devices, it is more secure to use a pin or alphanumerical password than the lock screen pattern design. Try changing password options in the settings of your android device.


Using any sort of password is still one of the most important methods for securing your mobile devices. In the case that you lose your cell phone or it is stolen, the thief will not be able to examine or use your data. Learn more about secure passwords at http://www.rit.edu/security/content/creating-strong-passwords