Protective Mobile Device Software

One in every five people in the world own a smartphone according to a 2013 report in Business Insider and with the significant growth of smartphone usage, the issues surrounding mobile security have also grown. 

It is more important than ever to arm mobile devices with protective software.  PCs have been the target of malware and virus attacks for years, but recently mobile devices are being targeted more frequently.  Cyber criminals are most often creating malicious programs to gain access to financial information.

The major target for these attacks is Google’s Android operating system due to the rapid expansion and market penetration of Android smartphones and tablets.

Some of the top rated mobile security software for 2019 includes BullGuard Mobile Security, Lookout Premium, SentinelOne Endpoint Protection, Kaspersky Mobile Security, ESET Mobile Security, Trend Micro Mobile Security, F-Secure Mobile Security, Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile and NetQin Mobile Security.

When choosing mobile device security software it is vital to pay attention to what protection and features are offered.

For optimal protection the software should include:

  • Anti-virus
  • SIM card lock
  • Real time protection
  • Quarantine section
  • Remote lock
  • Device scream
  • Ability to locate and track lost devices
  • Remote wipe
  • Blocking of malicious codes on sites
  • Phone app scans
  • Anti-spam

Features for the best possible security include:

  • Automatic updates
  • Parental control monitoring
  • On-demand scans
  • Blocked number list
  • Install direct to mobile device
  • Remote backup
  • Wireless updates
  • Restores back up content
  • Schedule scans
  • Online management