RIT Information Security Alert: Drop Box and "Confirm Your Account" Phishing Attempts

"Confirm Your Account" Phishing Attempts

The phishing attacks have broadened to include a Drop Box associated phish and a simulated RIT Information Security Alert. Both phishes include links to compromised non-RIT websites. 


Drop Box Phish

From: Drop Box* <sdinatale@tampabay.com>

You have *1 new important document as of April 04, 2017 which is listed below along with the action that can be taken. You can view or download you documents by visiting preview or download page. Happy Dropboxing! 

- The Dropbox Team

P.S. Learn how to protect your account.


Simulated RIT Information Security Alert Phish

Subject: RIT Information Security Alert-Please confirm your account to avoid suspension

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, We recommend that you confirm you account to avoid suspension. To confirm your account please visit www.rit.edu/myrit/home. We apologize for the inconvinience."


In both of these phishes, hovering your cursor over the link reveals that the links lead to non-RIT websites. The Drop Box link is hosted in Russia. The “Confirm Your Account” link goes to a compromised Canadian website.


What can I do to protect myself?

  • Always try to determine where a link goes before clicking on it, even if the email appears to come from a trusted sender.
  • Recognize that RIT Information Security will not send you “confirm your account” links.


RID RIT of phishing attempts

  • REPORT phishing attempts to spam@rit.edu
  • INSPECT your computer if you clicked on a suspicious link by running a virus scan. (Change your password if you provided it.)
  • DELETE the phishing attempts


For More Information


REMEMBER: RIT will NEVER ask for you password through e-mail.


Quick Infosec Tip: The RIT Information Security Office offers Digital Self Defense classes throughout the year. The next class is on April 12th. Visit https://www.rit.edu/fa/cpd/orientation/dsd/dsd101 to sign up.