The Growth of Mobile Malware

Since the advent of the internet, cybercrime has been a problem. As we progress to a wider range of digital devices, more opportunities for cyber criminals present themselves. Malicious mobile programs have increased threefold in the past year according to research by Kaspersky Lab. The main purpose of mobile malware is to steal money from its victims. This can be achieved through banking Trojans, ransomware, SMS Trojans, and malicious apps in app stores.


Banking Trojans can impersonate the interface of your banking application in order to steal your banking credentials. Meanwhile, SMS Trojans can infect your device and... ...

No-Click November

No-Click November

It’s November again. Cyber Security Awareness month (October) just passed but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to keep practicing all the online safety tips we learned; quite the opposite actually, now that we have gotten more informed about online security, we must implement those tips daily and share our knowledge with everyone that surrounds us.

This year is coming to an end, yet new security exploits show up every day to attack the cyberspace. Holidays are coming, and NOW is as good a time as ever to learn/review security tips regarding where we “click”. Even the... ...