Requirements for Faculty/Staff

Requirements for Faculty and Staff

Security Standards

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Standard When does it apply?
Desktop and Portable Computer Standard Always
Password Standard Always
Information Access & Protection Standard Always
Cyber-Security (Computer) Incident Handling Standard Always
Portable Media

Cybersecurity Considerations for Traveling Abroad

Cybersecurity Considerations for Traveling Abroad

Do you travel abroad with a laptop or other mobile device? The information below will be helpful.

A couple of notes:

  1. This communication reviews Cybersecurity concerns. RIT Global Risk Management Services provides a more comprehensive overview of travel policies and considerations.
  2. Travel restrictions can change abruptly, both here and abroad. Review the U.S. State Department Alerts and Warnings before and during travel.


Traveling with a laptop and other mobile devices

Should you bring your RIT laptop?

  • It depends. Can you do without it? Unless you need your laptop to conduct

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Avoid Questionable Mobile Apps

Questionable Mobile Apps

It is important to make sure a mobile app is reliable before downloading it. Detecting malicious apps is not always easy, but here are a few steps you should take before downloading an app.

Android users have the highest risk of downloading malicious apps. Researchers at Kaspersky found over 200,000 samples of mobile malware at the Google Play store and additional sources, in 2013. The malicious malware is often used as a multiplier, sending text messages containing malicious links to the contacts saved on the phone, or stealing other personal informational directly from the infected phone. 

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Protecting Mobile Devices

Protecting Mobile Devices


With the growth in smartphone usage around the world, issues surrounding mobile security have grown as well. It is more important than ever to arm your mobile devices with protective software. The largest target for attacks on mobile devices is Google's Android operating system, due to the rapid expansion and market penetration of Android smartphones.

Some top rated mobile security software for 2019 includes:

  • Avast
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Choose a Secure Lock Screen

Choose a Secure Lock Screen

Smartphones contain a wealth of your personal information, ranging from personal messages and photos, to bank information. In the event of your mobile device being lost or stolen, the first line of defense is locking it securely. Smartphones offer several locking options including pins, passwords and biometric methods.


  • Uncheck the "make pattern visible" option in the settings. This makes it more difficult for people around you to see your pattern.
  • Use six or more nodes.
  • Don't use a simple or common pattern. 40% of patterns start in the top left corner, and 77% start
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