Doxing Mitigation

What is Doxing?

Doxing is the act of publishing another person's personally identifiable information for the purposes of harassment, intimidation, or humiliation. Published information can include the target's contact information, address, engagement announcements, tax records, notices of political or military involvement, and other details. 

How Can I Protect Myself?

You can take these steps to reduce the risk of being doxed:

  • Create a burner email address for websites that require email confirmation for opting out. 
  • Create a temporary phone number for websites that require verification via telephone or text message. 
  • Search for yourself regularly and see what information is visible.
  • ... ...

Data Privacy Month--Private Information Disposal

Data Privacy Month--Private Information Disposal

This article was also published in the Quaestor newsletter of RIT's Institute Audit, Compliance, and Advisement.

Did you know that January is Data Privacy Month? 

For the last two years, we’ve focused on remediation and disposal of Private Information resident on RIT computers and we’ve made great progress. Have you thought about disposing of Private Information (e.g. Social Security Number, Bank Account Number, Credit Card Number or Drivers License)... ...

Data Privacy Month: Are You Smarter Than Your Phone?

Data Privacy Month: Are You Smarter Than Your Phone?


Did you know, “Smartphones can predict a user's gender with 71% accuracy, & can distinguish between ‘tall’ and ‘short’ people and ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ people, with about 80% accuracy?” Take a look at this recorded webinar from the January 9 EDUCAUSE Live! Data Privacy Month kickoff event with special guest, Rebecca Herold (the Privacy Professor) to find out just exactly how smart your Smartphone is.

Nearly everyone on a college campus today has a mobile phone, capable of... ...