General Information

RIT Ski team is comprised of two parts, the recreational ski/snowboard club and the alpine ski team. The recreational club skis on Mondays and Thursdays for five weeks starting in January. The Alpine Ski team practices on those days and races on the weekends.


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The race team is broken up into two parts, Varsity and Junior Varsity. Both the varsity and junior varsity teams travel together, train together, and generally do everything together. The main difference is that the varsity team holds our top 5 male and female skiers who usually have several years of racing experience prior to college. Our junior varsity team contains everyone else on the race team, whether it be someone with no racing experience, or a seasoned veteran who isn’t looking for serious competition and just wants to have fun.


If getting to the mountian twice a week to ski is what you are looking for, then the recreational side of the ski club is for you. Through carpooling we can get you to the mountian even if you dont have a car. The recreation side of the club has the opportunity to ski or snowboard at Bristol on the same nights the racers have practices. This is a great way to meet other individuals who share a similar passion for skiing and riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mountains do you ski at?

Bristol Mountain Ski Resort. The RIT Alpine Ski Team and the Recreational Ski/Snowboard Club both go to Bristol Mountain Ski Resort.

Why do you ski at Bristol?

The RIT Ski Team and Recreational Ski/Snowboard Club both go to Bristol Mountain Ski Resort. It is 1,200 vertical feet with its peak elevation at 2,100 feet. We go to Bristol because of the deal they give us on ticket prices and the opportunity the race team has to do some training/time trials alongside other college club teams in our area. Recreational skiers and snowboarders have a large variety in terrain to choose from at Bristol. Bristol is also one of the closest ski areas to RIT in both distance and time.

How often do you ski?

We make the trip to Bristol twice a week. This year we will be going Monday and Thursday evenings for the first four weeks of the second semester. The schedules for races can be found here.

What transportation do you use?

Each week we meet on campus, behind Gracie’s, and carpool to the mountain from there. We determine who has cars and is willing to drive, and out of those people who have cars, we look at which cars get the best gas mileage. We welcome members without cars and so far have never had any trouble finding everyone rides to the mountain.

For more info:

Get in touch with us here, we are happy to answer your questions!