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The RIT Ballroom Dance Team is made up of several hardworking members who are geared towards dancing competitively. As a team, we participate in several competitions each year, usually one each quarter. Just like membership in the club, you don't need to have a partner - if you are on the team, we will match you up with a steady partner to practice & compete with.

Our members range from beginners who are just starting to learn to dance to more advanced dancers who have been competing for years. Anyone is welcome to join the team provided they can make a commitment with their time and effort. It doesn't matter whether you attend the beginner or advanced class - competition is for every level!  You don't need any prior dance experience if you are joining the team fall quarter, however, for winter and spring quarters you must have at least one quarter of prior ballroom dance experience.

We accept new members at the beginning of each quarter and require you to fill out an application (so that we have your information). There are no tryouts; we accept anyone who wants to give competitive dancing a try!


$25 for team membership OR $30 for advanced class & team membership


There are several benefits of joining the team. Please note, however, that you are required to attend competition if you join.

  • 10 weeks per quarter of lessons
  • Individual attention during team practice
  • Supervised extra practice times prior to competition
  • FREE admission to our dances that are held once each quarter
  • Discounted or free registration for competitions (depending on funds)