Intramurals are a good way to connect and have fun with CSA. In the past we've had teams for volleyball and soccer and they were both a lot of fun. However, there was often a lack of players. We'd like to continue having teams, but it will only be possible if people sign up. If you're interested, please send an email to or use the contact form on this site. Please include the following information:

1) Name
2) RIT email
3) Last 4 digits of your UID
4) Gender
5) If you are deaf or hearing
6) Sport(s) you're interested in playing

Next Available Quarter: Spring
Indoor SoccerTournament/Rec3/14/11
Ultimate FrisbeeTournament/Rec3/14/11
DodgeballRec League3/14/11
BasketballRec League3/15/11
Table TennisInd. Ladder3/15/11
Tennis (Sgl & Dbl)Ind. Ladder3/15/11
BadmintonInd. Ladder3/15/11
CSA Teams
SportDayPlayers neededPlayers Signed up