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RIT Men's ACHA Division 1 Hockey

The RIT Men's Ice Hockey club is in accordance with the American Collegiate Hockey Association in the Division I level. We are dedicated, as a club, to provide students with an opportunity to play intercollegiate ice hockey at a competitive level. As a RIT SG recognized Club, we are entitled to funds, however limited. Therefore we do charge a player fee. This fee is determined at the beginning of each year and will cover practice and game ice time as well as travel expenses.

As student athletes, we understand that education is our first priority here at RIT and that school takes precedence over hockey. However, as a team we are committed to preparing ourselves for the highest level of competition. Having said that, we as a club have rules and regulations for players regarding attendance to practice, fundraising events, etc. that will dictate a players eligibility for games.

As a Student Government recognized club, we cannot limit our membership by sex and we encourage membership of both men and women. However, the ACHA is a men's league and we cannot roster a female for a game. For women who are looking to play competively and participate in games, RIT does offer a Women's Club Team: Click Here to be directed to the Women's Club Hockey Team

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