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Alumni Barbeque

Early First Semester

Each year we get together with our alumni to enjoy barbeque and play fun games!

Beach Day

Early First Semester

Every year we get together and go to Ontario Beach Park to have a barbeque and ride a carousel.

Mud Tug

Early First Semester

RIT hosts an annual tug-of-war competition in which Engineering House participates.

Darien Lake

Mid First Semester

Darien Lake is an amusement park that we go to during first semester every year.


Early Second Semester

Altitude is a trampoline park that Engineering House attends once or twice a year.


Mid Second Semester

Letchworth is a national park where we camp in cabins and make hobo food.


Late Second Semester

At the end of the year, to celebrate all that we have accomplished we hold a formal where everyone dresses up to eat and dance.