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Continually defying the odds in the Brick City simply by being 15 girls in one place at the same time, the energetic and fun-loving gals of Encore entertain RIT audiences throughout the year at campus events as well as independent shows. Encore has been around since 1996, but has only existed in something comparable to its current teal-clad form since 2003, when they were weaned away from piano accompaniment for good. Since then, they've been busy: they released their first CD, Rinse and Repeat, in January 2006 at their annual BellaCappella concert. The next February, they traveled to Penn State for the ICCA Quarterfinals where they placed third. In the spring of 2007 they recorded and released their second CD, energy.focus.

Encore has also ventured to all corners of NY state, and as far away as Washington DC and Toronto, Canada (Encore goes international!). Looking toward the future, the girls of Encore like road trips and would love to continue to travel around the northeast and sing with other collegiate groups, as well as perform on campus and expand their fan base. If you are interested in booking the group for a concert or event, or would like more information, please contact us!