About The Team

Interested in horses and horseback riding? The RIT Equestrian Team is the club for you! No experience is necessary because we welcome anyone with an interest in riding horses! You can even get P.E. credit depending on how many lessons you take or how many shows you attend.

Where We Ride
We currently ride at Lehman Farms (English) and The Homestead (Western). You don't have to have a horse to be on the team. In our lessons, we use the stable's lesson horses so we do not get used to riding one horse. Lessons are usually $20-35 depending on how many people you ride with and how long the lesson is. No car? No problem! Most of our members carpool to lessons.

IHSA Competitions
The RIT Equestrian Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. We attend horse shows at Region 2, Zone 2 colleges, including Nazareth, Cazenovia, Alfred, and St. Lawrence University.
IHSA shows are a true test of horsemanship ability. When we go to shows, we ride the host school's horses. We aren't allowed to school/warm up the horses before our classes, we just get on and go! Horse and rider are paired up randomly, which makes all riders compete on an equal level (to a point).
The IHSA currently has two disciplines - Hunter/English & Stock Seat/Western. You can choose to compete in one, the other, or both, depending on how motivated you are to compete. There are five levels that you will be accessed into at the beginning of the year - Walk-Trot, Walk-Trot-Canter, Novice, Intermediate, or Open. Depending on where you point into, you may start at basic walk/trot, walk/trot/canter, or low level jumping for hunters or reining patterns for western/stock seat. Riders move up through the levels by accumulating points by placing in the ribbons (which go to 6th) at each horse show. Points carry over from year to year except for the open riders.

Being a member of the club does not cost anything, but if you wish to show, you are going to need:

  • Show outfit (all prices estimated for decent quality/price):
    -For English Riders: Jacket ($80), Dress Shirt ($25), Breeches ($30), Velvet Helmet ($60)/Helmet with Cover ($40), Boots ($100)
    -For Western Riders: Show Hat ($50), Show Shirt or Slinky/Vest ($100), Chaps($50-$200), Show Boots ($100)
  • IHSA Member Ship Fee ($30 for English or Western, $40 if both)
  • For each show: $30 for each class
  • At least $25 to take on lesson before the show

If you want to ride but don't want to show, here's what you'll need:

For English Riders:

  • Riding Helmet ($60) (most coaches will loan you one)
  • Riding Boots ($80) or Half Chaps ($30) & Paddock Boots ($30)
  • Riding Pants ($30) or jeans
  • $25/Lesson ($35 if not a group lesson)
For Western Riders:
  • Long jeans or riding pants
  • Riding Helmet ($60)
  • Riding Boots ($100) or Half Chaps ($30) & Paddock Boots ($30)
In addition, the Equestrian club helps subsidize costs for team jackets and other apparel as long as you fundraise $40 a quarter (we hold various events throughout the year, or you can pay with your own money).

Don't Panic!
The majority of our riders are college students on a budget, and we understand everyone has a different level of interest and commitment in the club. Although we do what we can to help diffuse costs of riding, showing can become a very expensive endeavor. However, you do not have to show in order to be involved, and it's completely possible to be active with our group without spending a dime!
If you want to show but don't have the proper clothing, we can find a way to lend you show clothes. Many of us have extra show clothes that you may borrow until you find your own.
If you're interested in being involved with the club and with horses, but can't afford lessons, show fees and a showing wardrobe, don't fret. Contact an eboard member for specific cost-free activities available now. Some recent activities have included:

  • Volunteering at the Special Olympics
  • Social events from grooming to movie nights
  • Horse handling and assisting at shows

If you have any questions about the team, contact us!