What is International House?

International House is one of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s seven Special Interest Houses (SIHs).

Located in the student residence halls, Special Interest Houses are tight-knit communities built around a particular purpose, interest, vision, or idea. As a community of students with various academic backgrounds and diverse geographic origins, we believe that everyone’s story should be told; every word should be heard and listened to.

Under the idea that living together with a common goal promotes a sense of community, we focus on the exchange of our cultural identities and practices during our time together.

We embrace our differences, opening the doors for discussion on topics of culture, attitude, and differing opinions. Whether you are a foreign student studying abroad or a native citizen, born and raised within the United States, you won’t find a more diverse and accepting floor anywhere else on campus.

What about our facilities?

International House is the only floor in the residence halls with card-swipe access to a full-size, fully-stocked, and fully-equipped kitchen.

Our members just love to cook and some of the more generous ones are often open to sharing their meals with the rest of the floor! In addition to our standard floor lounges, the attached lounge to the kitchen means we have a plethora of public spaces for community members to kick back, do homework, and relax in. You can learn more about our facilities on our page.

Where can you find us on campus?

In terms of housing, all special interest houses are located in the residence halls.

As a dormitory floor, International House facilities and rooms span the first floor of Eugene Colby C. Sharing the building with two other Special Interest Houses - Art House and Unity House - Colby C is filled with creative, driven people that will never fail to inspire you, should you choose to visit us! We frequently take part in community events both on- and off-campus. If the residence halls aren’t your forte, you can often find us at one of the events hosted by our affiliates or ourselves. During the semester, we encourage our members to showcase their culture in the form of, “Culture Nights,” such as our Swiss, Thai, and Metal Culture Nights!

If you’re looking for directions to our location on campus, please use the address:

Eugene Colby Hall, Rochester, NY, 14623

We do not accept physical mail or packages so please email us with any concerns.

How can you join us?

If you're interested in living on-floor, you can apply via your annual housing application under the section for special interest housing. Accepted students are welcome too!.

If don't want to live on floor, but are still interested in being a member contact us here for information on how to apply!

There are a couple different ways for you to become a part of our community. Incoming students can apply through their very first housing application without even being on campus! In order to live with us as an on-floor member, we require you to fill out a couple of essay questions found in this application form. If you're not interested in living on-floor, or you wish to join later in the year, just contact us, no essay necessary! Please feel free to contact If you have any questions, please contact us at: rit.i.house@gmail.com.

For more information on membership, please check out our membership page. Further connect with us using the social media platforms listed in the footer below.

Who leads International House?

2015-2016 Executive Board

Current elected executive board.

Shehan's Pic

Shehan Jayasekera


I am 5th year Mechanical Engineering student. This is my 4th year in I-House. I like cats, dogs, and Anime. Humans are occasionally acceptable too. Jk, I hate you all!

Kevin's Pic

Kevin Xiong


Hey, I'm a 3rd year Media Arts and Technology student from Minnesota and it feels odd to drive a mile and not see a dozen lakes.

Sean's Pic

Sean O'Dea

Floor Architect

Sean is a second year student at RIT and is our resident Vegan. He was too busy baking cookies to write his own bio; they're delicious ones though!

Evan's Pic

Evan White


Evan is a student here at RIT. He takes notes during our meetings. Sometimes.

Ethelia's Pic

Ethelia Lung


'ello! I'm a 2nd year New Media Design student, and an international student from Hong Kong. When it's nice out I like to chase sunsets. When it's not you'll find me on my computer in my hermit hole.

Jeff's Pic

Jeff Lee

Public Relations

Hello my name is Jeff Lee and I am a third year Media Arts and Technology student. I hail from NYC and I'm apparently 30 years old. Don't be a stranger now.

Jason's Pic

Jason Carr


Hi, I'm a second-ish year Computer Science major from Pennsylvania. I'm a complete language geek and I also love doing weird math stuff

2016-2017 Executive Board

Elected officers for next year's executive board.

Leo's Pic

Leo Holman


Heather's Pic

Heather Hedges


Katie's Pic

Katie Xue

Operations Manager

Celina's Pic

Celina Koh


Ian's Pic

Ian Effendi

Public Relations

International House Advisers

Our RIT-Administration advisers.

Alex's Pic

Alex Jones

Residence Coordinator

Ellingson Hall (Floors 9 - 12)
(585) 286-4603 - VP

Lilli's Pic

Lilli Jensen

Assistant Director

2330 Student Alumni Union
(585) 475-5540

International House Affiliates and Associations

Affiliated Organizations

Clubs and organizations affiliated with International House

Global Union

Major Student Organization

They represent nearly 2000 international students and organizations, hosting numerous cultural events on campus!

Taiwanese Culture Association

Cultural Club

They explore the Taiwanese culture, with the RIT community, through fun activities and events!

Asian Culture Soceity

Cultural Club

Asian Culture Society @ RIT promotes the understanding of Asian culture and heritage.

RIT's Special Interest Houses

The other six SIHs on RIT's campus!

Art House

Special Interest House

Computer Science House

Special Interest House

Engineering House

Special Interest House

House of General Sciences

Special Interest House

Unity House

Special Interest House

Photography House

Special Interest House

Organization Constitutions

Our organization constitutions can be found here.

Floor Constitution

Kitchen Constitution

Lounge Constitution

All of RIT’s clubs and organizations are required to have a publicly accessible constitution. As per those regulations, our constitutions are free to access and open to the public here. Any questions involving the constitutions must be directed toward our email address: rit.i.house@gmail.com