What is the International House Kitchen?

The International House Kitchen is a fully equipped Lounge and Kitchen underneath International House. It can be swiped into at any time of day or night by our members.

Kitchen Area

Our kitchen area contains numerous cooking supplies and facilities for use. The kitchen includes a full refridgerator for storing supplies, an oven, stovetop, microwaves and toaster ovens, and a rice cooker for making food. Numerous pots, pans, plates and utensils are provided to members here, and our kitchen stocks a large array of spices and sauces for use to members when cooking.

Lounge Area

Next to the kitchen, we have a full lounge area. We have a projector and full sound system for the room for meetings, presentations, and events (such as Culture Nights) and for our members to watch movies or videos. We also have a record player with a collection of vinyls. This lounge also contains a ping pong table setup for casual games in the kitchen (or tournaments, we do that too).

What does International House's residence have?

International House is situated in Eugene Colby Hall C, in the same building as Art House, Unity House and House of General Science. Our floor has 19 double rooms and 3 single rooms for members. In addition to the kitchen downstairs, we have a lounge and kitchenette on floor.

The International House Lounge is on floor and has plenty of space for our members to study, talk, or host other social events upstairs. It contains standard couches, chairs, table, whiteboard and television, along with a collection of I-House belongings and history, as well as books and board games. The Kitchenette is on the other side of the floor and has a sink, microwave and seating that can be used without having to going down to the Kitchen.