We have 3 types of membership statuses: on-floor, off-floor, and alumni.


On-floor members are accepted into International House via the housing application process and live on floor. Members are expected to pay $115 per academic year in order to enjoy the full privileges of being a member, including access to all kitchen facilities, subsidized ticket prices for community field trips, and invitations to private International House events.


Off-floor members are any members who pay dues that do not live on floor. These members are not expected to apply via the housing process and can apply at any point of time in the yearx. With a discounted dues price of $55 per academic year, off-floor members enjoy all privileges as on-floor members. Due to safety procedures, off-floor members do not have card-swipe access to the floor facilities, although they are still allowed to use them should an on-floor member allow them into the building.


Once a part of International House, always a part! Alumni are members that have left to live elsewhere on campus or have graduated from RIT. We make no distinctions between matriculated and nonmatriculated students: if you’ve paid dues once in the past you’re entitled to a lifetime of invitations to our social activities and group outing events.

Executive Board

The executive board is a group of annually elected students tasked with maintaining I-House.

Team Responsibillities

Also known as the, “Eboard,” these students in organizations on RIT campus have responsibilities that traditionally handle event planning, budget handling, and facility maintenance. Being an Eboard member requires a great amount of dedication and campaigning for a position is strongly recommended for those wishing to increase their leadership skills.

Individual Roles

While there have been as many as nine roles at once, this year’s board has settled with a five-member team. These roles include the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Operations Manager, and Public Relations Officer. In the past we’ve had roles such as the Historian and Webmaster although their responsibilities have been phased into other existing roles. Please refer to the Constitution, located at the bottom of the About page for more information on the responsibilities these roles undertake.

Current Members

This year's elected officials are as follows:

Acting President - Shehan Jayasekera
Treasurer - Kevin Xiong
Secretary - Evan White
Floor Architect - Sean O'Dea
Public Relations Officer - Jeff Lee
Historian - Ethelia Lung
Webmaster - Jason Carr

Incumbent Members

The next year's elected officials are as follows:

President - Leo Holman
Treasurer - Heather Hedges
Secretary - Celina Koh
Operations Manager - Katie Xue
Public Relations Officer - Ian Effendi


If you're interested in applying and you don't live on floor, you can apply to join us all year round!