The Warning from Under the Hood

Published Nov. 30, 2011

RIT is helping shape the future of energy technologies applied to transportation. Leading this effort is the Center for Sustainable Mobility, begun in 2006 with a $4M grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to assess the environmental and economic impact of different alternative fuel and propulsion technologies on the U.S. public transportation system.

Today, RIT also examines emerging fuel technologies and their applications – biodiesel, ethanol, fuel cells, hydrogen and combinations of these – to determine their impacts on existing systems and forecast requirements for sustainable future transportation systems and infrastructure. In addition, RIT develops technologies for optimal life-cycle design, management, and modernization of large equipment systems by maximizing the value of existing systems and designing advanced capabilities in new systems while managing life-cycle costs.

RIT partners with industry, local and state governments, and the Department of Defense to conduct comprehensive research, applied development, testing, and field implementation. RIT’s goal is to become a regional center for sustainable transportation and systems modernization, becoming the preferred choice for organizations seeking assistance in these areas.

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