What is Greatness?

It's creating difference—today, tomorrow, forever.

Published Sep. 9, 2016

Greatness is expecting the unexpected. Answering questions before they’ve been asked. And reaching conclusions that change everything.

Greatness is finding new ways to design, new ways to think, and new ways to communicate.

It’s agile. It’s driven. And most of all, it’s relentless.

Greatness is countless start-ups, 12 Pulitzer Prizes, numerous Academy Awards, one World Trade beacon, and proving he (Albert Einstein) was right all along.

Greatness has disrupted technology, discovered new ways to send people to space, outfitted an MVP with his signature shoe, and built a more sustainable tomorrow—today.

Greatness through Difference mural

New mural in the tunnels below the residence halls.

It’s also making a mark on a complex planet. From Rochester to Rome, China to California, Dubai to the Dominican Republic, and everywhere in between.

Greatness is out-hacking the hackers, and out-working the competition.

Greatness is being first. The first to offer a degree in biotechnology. And the first to offer doctorates in imaging science, sustainable production systems, and microsystems engineering.

Greatness is creating difference – today, tomorrow, forever.

Some might say RIT is on the verge of greatness. We say we’ve already arrived.

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