“Reel” Accomplishments of Student Filmmakers

Published Mar. 19, 2011

A boy’s dislike of finishing his dinner and the ensuing battle among the brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and the boy’s favorite cartoon character come to life on the big screen through the imagination and movie-making talents of up-and-coming filmmaker Adam Fisher.

Fisher’s animated film, Mashed, was among the finalists in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 37th annual Student Academy Awards competition.

Fisher, a native of Prospect Harbor, Maine, graduated from RIT in May 2010. He got the chance to meet Hollywood director Michael Moore when the finalists for Region Three (New York state and Puerto Rico) of the Student Academy Awards convened in New York City.

“It was great to meet Moore,” says Fisher. “He gave me feedback on Mashed. He seemed to really like it and chuckled as he remembered some of the scenes. It made me feel good that I made him laugh.”

Each year, the Rochester area community has the opportunity to see top-notch films like Fisher’s as part of RIT’s School of Film and Animation’s Honors Show. The show features more than 20 films selected from hundreds of submissions. The student films represent various genres including animation, live action, narrative, documentary and experimental.

Adds Jack Beck, professor in RIT’s School of Film and Animation: “It is important for our community to embrace and celebrate the artistic achievements of our students. The filmmakers love the experience screening their work in a great theatre to an eager public audience. But moreover, the students are supporting the community with an additional opportunity to be entertained, educated and enlightened. To be sure, the program delivers on its own, and the experience is giving in both directions.”