Bob Howie Memorial Classic Car Display

Bob Howie Memorial Classic Car Display


R·I·T Staff Council is pleased to announce the Bob Howie Memorial Classic Car Display, to be held (weather permitting) in conjunction with the Staff Appreciation Day & Community Picnic on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 from 11am-2:30pm (set-up starts at 10am).   Classic vehicles belonging to R·I·T employees, retirees, trustees, alumni and students will be on display for the enjoyment of the R·I·T community.

Staff Council extends an invitation to owners of classic rides in the R·I·T community to join the festivities.  Whether it’s a classic car, truck, motorcycle, etc., we would like to have your special vehicle at the 2017 Bob Howie Memorial Classic Car Display.   


Please contact Dave Harris at 47@MAIL.RIT.EDU  or 475-2060 with the following information if you would like to show your classic ride.


1) Vehicle Year _______________________________

2) Vehicle Make ______________________________

3) Vehicle Model ______________________________

4) Owner Name ______________________________

5) Owner Phone Number _______________________

6) Owner E-mail ______________________________

7) Choose one:

____ RIT Staff – Department ___________________________

____ RIT Faculty – College/School _______________________

____ RIT Student – Major ______________________________

____ RIT Alumnus/a – Class of _________________________

____ RIT Trustee

____ RIT Retiree


Remember - this event is weather dependent!


Thank you!