Came in like a lion (or tiger?), left like a Tsunami!

Came in like a lion, and left like a Tsunami!

The saying for the month of March goes “Came in like a lion and left like a lamb”, but March of 2020 was NOTHING like that! March 15, 2020, I went to work like every other Sunday before it, but little did I know how much my schedule would change after that day! March 16th - March 27th I was home because our two granddaughters were out of school because schools were closed due to COVID (one was in early pre-K and the other in 1st grade). When those two weeks were over, my Corner Store schedule changed to working one day per week on campus, and four days per week at home. You’re probably wondering what a Dining Services supervisor did those four days per week, right? Let me tell you, if I never take another CPD course or read another book from the Skillsoft library collection, it will be too soon!

I love our home and our yard, but staying in it every day for over four months straight, with my spouse, two granddaughters, two adult children, two dogs and two cats was challenging to say the very least! Add in trying to teach early pre-K and 1st grade; I had to figure out what was going to crack first, my patience or my sanity! As a Black mother of two Black sons, I also had to deal with a lot of emotions regarding the racial unrest that was (and still is) happening throughout the country. So HOW did I cope?

I coped by enjoying the time with our granddaughters; they live in Rhode Island, and I knew it was only a matter of time before they’d have to return home. We had a glow stick party, made homemade pizzas, planted a garden, did science projects, and held outdoor movie nights with popcorn and snacks. My spouse and I were also able to do some household projects that we had only talked about, but never acted on; the travel restrictions and not eating out definitely helped us prioritize our “to do” lists! I also binge watched a lot of shows I never had time to watch. I spent a lot of nights relaxing by our new in-ground fire pit, and just enjoying my family and pets. I never thought I'd see the things I've seen these past 6-8 months, but life has a way of showing us what SHOULD be important to us.

Holly Stiner spent time with her dog group and dogs, exploring and hiking different local parks and trails, which allowed her to still socialize and be outside, while maintaining social distancing.

Jaime Castillo kept busy by doing a lot of cycling!

Jennie Liedkie found a trail close to her house that she and her dogs hardly walked because of the traffic on Route 20. However, COVID made traffic in that area almost nil, so she and her dogs could walk from a mile to five miles without worry (they ended up walking about 1.75 miles per day). They also got caught walking in the March blizzard that we had (like COVID wasn’t enough!).

Lindsay Vallone started a container garden! Some sunflowers, cilantro and even a pumpkin!