Staff Council Standing Committees

The Executive Committee serves as liaison between Staff Council and the RIT administration and prepares the agenda for full Staff Council meetings.
Lindsay Vallone – Chair
Cathy Clarke – Vice Chair
Joanna Prescott – Communications Officer
Emily Heyman – Events Officer
Patrick De May
Susan Lindsay
Gina Reeder
Holly Stiner


Committee information forthcoming 
Harshita Sood - Co-Chair
Lindsay Vallone - Co-Chair
Jaime Castillo
Jennie Liedkie
Laura Kleiman

This committee will work to establish a new SC standing committee focused on university-level resource and budget questions.
Patrick De May – EC Liaison & Co-Chair
Jaime Castillo
Laura Kleiman
Marge Ryan
Shawn Thomas

The Communications Committee keeps constituents updated and informed about Staff Council accomplishments and activities by proactively gathering and disseminating information in a timely and effective manner through the Staff Council website, newsletters, meeting minutes, and other media.
Joanna Prescott – Communications Officer
Mark Baum
Laurie Conrad
Tracey Courtwright
Jennie Liedkie
Harshita Sood

The Elections Committee conducts all Staff Council elections, and is responsible for reviewing voting block ratios and the nomination process.
Susan Lindsay – EC Liaison & Chair
Amy Button
Jennifer Taylor
Noelle Lawton
Rebecca Ziebarth

The Events Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff ceremony & reception, the Staff Appreciation Day & Community Picnic, and other events as assigned by Staff Council.
Emily Heyman – Events Officer
Neveen Botros
Dan Rutenber
Jennifer Taylor
Michelle Teal
Dave Ziebarth

The UIP Committee reviews issues that are of concern to a significant number of RIT Staff and  recommends courses of action for Staff Council's consideration; reviews, critiques and makes recommendations regarding new or revised RIT policies that are brought to Staff Council for consideration; reviews any policy brought to its attention by members of the RIT community; and makes recommendations for new policies.
Gina Reeder -  EC Liaison & Co-Chair
Holly Stiner – EC Liaison & Co-Chair
Greg Beattie
Lindsay Cohen
Gina Coyne
Barb Fagenbaum
Becky Kiely




Download a PDF of our Committee Plans of Work

Staff Council University Committee Appointees

Campus Aesthetics Committee
Lydia Palmer

Commencement Task Force
Emily Heyman

Diversity Committee of the Board of Trustees
Lindsay Vallone

Human Resources Benefits Advisory Group
Robin Amico
Steven Parish
Nancy Popolizio
Stephanie Rankin
Kathleen Rydelek
Dawn Severson

Individual Conflict of Interest / Commitment Committee - 3 year term
Emily Heyman - 2018/19 - 2020/21
Renee Milliken - 2019/20 - 2021/22

Intellectual Property Policy Committee – 3 year term
Jennie Liedkie– 2019/20 – 2021/22

Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Pluralism Award Selection Committee – 1 year term

Ombuds Advisory Committee – 2 year term 
Joanna Prescott – 2019/20 – 2020/21

Outstanding Teaching Award for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Selection Committee – 1 year term
Renee Milliken

Parking Advisory Group – 2 year term
Shawn Thomas – 2019/20 – 2020/21
Joanna Prescott - 2020/21-2021/22

Parking Appeals Board – 2 year term
Gina Reeder – 2019/20-2020/21
Noelle Lawton - 2020/21-2021/22

Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff Selection Committee - 1 year term
Gina Reeder

Retirement Investment Committee
James Macchiano

Sexual Misconduct Task Force
Christopher Hinesley
Debbie Kingsbury
Jessica Ecock Rotondo

Staff Grievance Committee
David Bagley
Gina Coyne
Teresa DeClerck
Cheryl Herdklotz
Jennifer Hinton
Mark Kimble
Renee Milliken
Gina Reeder

University Budget Hearings – 1 year term
Lindsay Vallone, Cathy Clarke

University Council – 1 year term
Jaime Castillo, Cathy Clarke, Patrick De May, Emily Heyman, Susan Lindsay, Joanna Prescott, Gina Reeder, Harshita Sood, Holly Stiner, Michelle Teal, Lindsay Vallone

University Council Alternates – 1 year term
Lindsay Cohen, Barb Fagenbaum, Becky Kiely, Daniel Rutenber, Shawn Thomas