December Staff Highlight: Darci Lane-Williams

This month, we are pleased to bring you this interview with Darci Lane-Williams, Director of the Center for Women and Gender.


Tell us a little about your RIT career…how long have you worked here, in what roles, etc.

I have been at RIT since the fall of 2009. During my time here, I have always been a part of CWaG.

I started as an Assistant Director for Counseling and Advocacy and became Director on the summer of 2011.

What do you enjoy most about your role as Director of the Center for Women and Gender

As Director of CwaG, I get to do a bit of everything. I can create, educate, provide counseling and advocate for students. I have a unique role here at RIT.

Tell us a little about “who” you are “outside of your RIT experience?  (possible topics can include: family, what you like to do for fun, volunteer work, service, etc.)

I am a mother of three cake snatchers (they snatch the cake and leave me the crumbs) and a wife of one lucky man. I am also a Grandma by marriage. I am a bit movie buff and a huge The Walking Dead fan. I also love music, especially 90’s music of all kinds. I am a former college rugby player but now settle for home workouts and trips to the gym for all of my physical exercise. As a native of Buffalo, I am a pizza expert and addict. Up until 2017, I would have talked about my wing expertise but I am now a vegetarian. I live a low-drama, calm life and try to maintain balance as an eclectic Pagan. I have a rule that I must laugh every day, often at the expense of my children. I enjoy making earrings, repurposing plastic bags, scrapbooking and making ornaments. I am passionate about race relations, harnessing intuition and being authentic.

What is your favorite RIT event and why?

I think I enjoy our Lighting the Way the most. I love the lantern procession and all of the incoming women connecting and feeling welcome here at RIT.

Graduation is awesome too, especially when students that I assisted are able to make it to that point.

What is your favorite/best RIT memory?

I think the first year that I pulled off the Women’s Career Achievement Dinner was very rewarding. I had never hosted an event with 500 people before. It was great to see everything coming together in the end.

What is one thing about you the RIT community might not know?

I am quite the introvert. I prefer to be alone or in small groups of people. This is often surprising to people who assume someone is an extrovert if they are outspoken and always cracking jokes.

What is a project (personal or professional) that you are most excited about lately?

I am excited about my earrings. I make earrings and like to model them on a regular basis.

Also, I am also beginning to focus on research centered on Black survivors of sexual assault, incest and molestation while examining intergenerational trauma.

To date, what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my children. Every day, I marvel at how three people who are all so different can tag team to try to make me lose my mind. They are a lot to deal with but loving them is the thrill of my life. I always remember that not everyone gets the honor of being a parent and that comes with all the occasional lows and frequent highs.