Keeping RIT Going - David Koslowski

Part two in our feature on the College of Science Stockroom! Meet David Koslowski, the Chemical Lab Technician in the College of Science and another member of the team in the College of Science Stockroom who kept us going during the shutdown.  David did all the weekly safety checks of the showers/waste areas, among many other tasks, while we were gone so we didn’t have any hidden problems crop up. 

He has worked at RIT for 8 years and he is a proud member of the RIT Alumni.  He graduated with a degree in Chemistry and a year ago received a title change to College of Science Safety Coordinator. Congrats, David!

One of the things he enjoys here at RIT is working with the faculty, staff and students to help solve problems they may encounter in the course of their lab work.  He also takes pride in assisting to create a safer environment to work and study for all individuals in the college. 

Over the summer months, David’s inner speed demon pushes out and he volunteers as a course marshall at Watkins Glen International Racetrack on the weekends.  Check out that photo! Ee was ready for all these zoom meetings we are all learning about long before us.

He also spends summers hiking and geocaching or chillin’ with his cat, Meika. 

It is in the winter months that he thrives though as he is a major hockey fan and is always at the RIT hockey arena.  (I remember seeing him once on TV while I was watching it from home.)  Go TIGERS!

One of his favorite RIT events is Brick City Homecoming because you get to see all the other Alumni who are back on campus and there are many great events to attend.  The Homecoming Hockey game at the Blue Cross Arena is always an event he attends.  In fact, his favorite memory of RIT is in 2010 when the underdog TIGERS hockey team defeated New Hampshire to clinch a ticket into the Frozen Four.    Campus was electric that whole week!

David is looking forward to more hockey on campus this year and I hope you are too as we introduce you to those who kept the campus going while we were on shutdown.