Special Staff Feature - Carol Reed

This month, we have a special staff feature - Carol Reed! Carol has been a fixture on campus since 1981 and I personally have many memories of crossing paths with her during my involvement in student clubs. She will be retiring at the end of June, and RIT will miss her very much. Best wishes, Carol!

How long have you worked at RIT? Tell us a bit about your career here.

I started at RIT on August 1, 1981 with my first professional positon being in Residence Life. I moved in residence life over those 20 + years from the Student Development area, to the Administrative area and finally to the Facilities area. In my work with the facilities area I had the privilege of working with FMS and the EYP architectural firm on the renovation of the 13 residence halls from 1995-2002.

I loved my work in residence life but a new opportunity presented itself. I left residence life for a lateral move in the Center for Campus Life on April 15, 2002.  I have been responsible over the years in Campus Life for Tech Crew, room reservations, the finance team, facilities and purchasing, the Welcome Center Attendants, Building Managers and Administrative Advisor for WITR and the Tora Con Conference.

How many terms have you served on Staff Council? Any special committees or projects?

This is my first and last term on Staff Council as I retire effective June 30, 2020.

I have served on many committees over my time at RIT but two cherished committees for me been over the years the RIT United Way Steering Committee and the CHAIRity Auction program along with serving on the Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Awards committees for both the faculty, staff and students. However, in regards to working with students I have enjoyed my time as the Administrative Advisor of WITR and my work with the students of the Anime Club on their annual Tora Con convention.

What are some memories that stand out?

Memories that stand out for me are working closely with my dear friends, students and colleagues in both residence life, campus life and facility management services. I have loved the creative side of my responsibilities working on taking something old and making it new, improved and an engaging environment. I have enjoyed my work with Jim Yarrington and his design team and my work with the project managers on the many and varied projects I have been involved with over the year.  I also cannot forget to talk about the custodial and maintenance staff who are so special in their dedication to keep our facilities looking wonderful. Marty Becker and I won a Staff Council Award many ,many years ago for our work on the residence hall renovation. 

Do you have any advice for new staff members?

Look to develop strong partnerships and treat everyone in the community including guests with the utmost respect. Before you look for your next positon, make sure you are doing a good job in your present positon. Make sure you do what you say you will do and don’t let anyone walk away without knowing you have done everything you can to meet their needs.

What will you miss the most about RIT?

RIT is a dynamic community of many different types of people with some of the smartest students I have ever met. I will miss the wonderful people I have worked with in my career.

What are you looking forward to in retirement?

Well, very recently my husband and I got news that we have hoped for. My oldest daughter, an alumna of RIT, is pregnant and due at the end of November. Also, my middle daughter, who has for the last few years been living in the Atlanta area, is coming home to live in the Rochester area by the end of June. Therefore, not only is my daughter coming back home but I will get to take care of my grandchild. This was one of my hopes in my retirement, to take care of a grandchild or two or three, haha!