Staff Council Contributions to RIT Governance

  • Pedestrian safety task force
    President Destler formed the Pedestrian Safety Task Force as a result of Staff Council constituent concerns regarding use of bikes and longboards on the Quarter Mile. The task force recommendations resulted in increased enforcement of pedestrian zones, and proposed a modification to policy C 14: Use of Skateboards[...]
  • Accelerated implementation of smoking policy
    Staff Council worked with other governance groups including Academic Senate and Student Government to eliminate the 3-year waiting period for implementation proposed in the revised version of C 16.0 Tobacco-Restricted University Policy. Designated smoking areas were constructed at six locations and as of August 17, 2015, RIT was a Tobacco-Restricted University.
  • Change in staff benefits for religious holidays
    As a result of Staff Council advocacy and continued dialogue with Human Resources, employees may now use vacation or personal days for observation of a religious holiday.
  • Change in policy regarding States of Emergency
    Staff no longer need to use a vacation or personal day if the county in which they live has declared a State of Emergency. The previous policy was only applicable to staff who resided in Monroe County.
  • Employee Suggestion Program
    Staff Council was instrumental in keeping this cost containment measure on the university’s agenda. This popular program continues to receive numerous suggestions which are reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • Staff perspective on cost containment suggestions
    Staff Council played a significant role in providing staff perspective to the president regarding proposed cost containment measures.
  • Career development for staff assistants and related positions
    Staff Council responded to concerns about the lack of a ‘career ladder’ or clear career path for staff assistants throughout the university. Collaboration with Human Resources resulted in several professional development workshops and a competencies matrix for staff assistants seeking to broaden their skills.
  • Strategic Plan: Greatness through Difference
    Staff Council maintained representation on working groups involved in the drafting of the strategic plan, and provided input regarding priorities and direction through steering committees
  • Graduated rates for paid parking
    When paid parking was implemented at RIT, Staff Council successfully advocated for the cost of parking permits to be based on salary tiers, rather than a flat rate for all staff.
  • Policy feedback
    Staff Council also gathered staff feedback on the following proposals and policies:
    - Energy Policy - noting the need for a process to apply for medical exemption
    - Tobacco-Restricted University Policy
    - RIT’s 2015-2025 Strategic Plan

Ongoing Projects:

  • Staff Performance Appraisal Task Force
    The task force was established and drafted a recommendation for proposed changes to Policy E 27: Performance Appraisals. The proposed changes will be introduced at the September 16 University Council meeting, after which they will be presented to Academic Senate and Student Government. Final changes to the policy will be submitted for a vote at University Council later in fall semester.  
  • Campus Closings and Delays
    Discussions continue with Global Risk Management regarding safety of campus during winter weather events. GRM pledged to consider delayed opening when necessary to get walkways and parking lots cleared.