Staff Excellence Awards - New Award!

The call for nominations for the Staff Recognition Awards, part of the Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff, will be coming out soon. We are excited to share information on a new award-the Albert J Simone Legacy Award!

Dr. Munson announced the new award at the Presidential Awards ceremony last October.  The Simone Award was created and named to honor Dr. Albert J. Simone, RIT President Emeritus, in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the creation of RIT Staff Council.  His visionary inclusion of the staff in the university’s shared governance process is part of the legacy of Dr. Simone’s fifteen years as president of RIT (1992–2007).  The award will  recognize a staff member with at least 25 years of service to RIT who meets the criteria for the Excellence Awards and in addition:

  • has had a lasting impact by improving or creating a process/procedure/service that has become standard across multiple areas of the university,
  • has performed meritoriously over the course of their entire RIT career,
  • has been a catalyst for positive change within the university

In addition to a crystal pyramid award and a framed certificate, Presidential Award recipients receive a cash award:

Rising Star Award: $900.00

Staff Excellence Award

Individual: $1700.00

Team: $1700 divided evenly among team members with a minimum of $500.00 per team member

Dancy Duffus Award for Outstanding Citizenship Within the RIT Community: $2500.00 to the recipient and $500 donated in the recipient’s name to a campus organization or charity of their choice

Albert J. Simone Legacy Award: $3000.00

These awards are made through Payroll and are taxed accordingly.  

Read the entire Staff Recognition Awards policy here