Staff Survey Results: Spring 2019

In the Spring, Staff Council invited all staff members to participate in a survey. Our primary goal was to gather suggestions and input from RIT staff about issues for us to work on as we move forward with new plans of work. We also hoped to evaluate staff members knowledge of and experience with Staff Council. Thank you to everyone who spared a little bit of time to take the survey and share your thoughts with us! Staff Council representatives recently held our annual planning retreat and used this time to review the results and integrate the survey feedback into our plans for the year. We received 541 responses and I'm pleased to share the results. 

  • You can view a report of the quantitative results of the survey at this link.

Here are some of our key takeaways from the survey results:

  • When staff members are familiar with their representative on Staff Council, they are more likely to interact with us, vote in SC elections, attend events, and reach out when there is a need. We will be working on new ways to meet up with constituents and offer a more personalized experience.
  • When asked about reasons staff members have or have not run for Staff Council, lack of time in work schedules was a major reason for not participating. 
  • We would LOVE to see more of our valued staff members follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Most respondents (80.6%) feel that the amount of email received from SC is just right. We read some excellent suggestions related to including summaries of meeting highlights with meeting minutes, and a few other ideas for communication improvements, which we will work on implementing in the Fall.
  • Many staff members look forward to the Annual Staff Appreciation Day and Community Picnic as a time to feel appreciated and socialize with colleagues. 
  • Most reasons given for attending the Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff are to support a colleague who was nominated. If you've never attended this event, mark your calendars for the 2019 ceremony on Tuesday, October 8th. You will walk away with a newfound appreciation for the dedication of RIT staff.
  • We are evaluating the success of our "It Starts with Us" program and appreciated the many suggestions for future speakers and guests. Responses related to this topic noted the value of learning about other areas of RIT, while many felt the noon time slot for presentations made it difficult to get away from work. 

Here are some of the common issues staff members have asked us to address:

  • Compensation & merit, including more tiers for benefit deductions and looking at the appraisal process
  • Developing career ladders and promoting from within
  • Investigating staff turnover
  • Managing work/life balance
  • University-wide implementation of flex time/telecommuting
  • Civility in the workplace
  • Space and resource allocation for staff
  • Increase FMS staffing
  • Encourage electronic accounting processes
  • Address smoking on campus in prohibited areas
  • Transportation concerns related to parking fees, snow removal, use of bikes and skateboards in walk zones
  • Concerns about shipping and recieving

Stay tuned for more updates from us later in the summer as our committees complete their plans of work. You will see a direct correlation between the survey results and our charges this year. Once again, thank you for your responses. Regular Staff Council meetings will resume on September 12, and our full meeting schedule can be found here. Meetings are open and we encourage you to attend and learn more about what we do. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Staff Council representative, to me, or to the Staff Council office with your feedback and questions!